BC Voices of Resilience (Photo Submission)

Submission consent information

Thank you for contributing your photo to the Voices of Resilience Project (BC Interior), an initiative by The Resilience Institute (TRI), in collaboration with and funded by the Canadian Red Cross (CRC). By sharing your photo, you are adding your perspective (your voice) to an entire choir of Voices of Resilience.

About the project

Through this project, we are looking to learn from people from the Interior region of British Columbia about what resilience means (or does not mean) in this era of back-to-back climate-induced disasters. The project seeks to inspire individual and community resilience-building by seeking out and documenting experiential stories and perspectives of people from Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities impacted by the 2017 wildfires, especially youth, seniors, and Elders.

Please take time to read this carefully and to understand any accompanying information before indicating consent. Please contact Tina Elliott (Project Manager) with any questions or concerns.

How will your photo be used?

Your photo may be used during the project (for example, on social media) and/or as a part of the public artistic/creative outputs of the project (for example in a compilation booklet of stories and images, a community exhibition, through online methods and others.

About participation and consent

Participation is entirely voluntary. You may refuse to participate altogether, refuse to answer any or all of the questions, and may withdraw your photo and answers for a period of 2 weeks after submission. In case of withdrawal, contact Tina Elliott and we will not use your information. By providing consent here, you are letting us know that you agree to have your photo and written statements shared in creative outputs associated with the project, such as compilations booklets, community exhibitions, online media, and/or other means.

What type of information will be collected?

You will be asked to provide your first and last names and contact information which are required so that we may contact you about your submission if necessary. We also ask for the file name and a simple description so that we can match your file to the information you provide here. Some answers are not required (for example, age and gender). This information is collected to help us better understand who is taking part in the project.

Confidentiality and anonymity

Your contact information will be kept confidential and shared only with the Project Manager and Project team members at TRI. You can choose to submit your photo and description to us and indicate your consent to have them shared anonymously. This means that you consent to us using your photo and description, but you do not want to be credited by name if used publicly. Please note that if you choose to submit your photo and description for use in this way, it may be possible to identify you to some people based on the content of the photo.

What happens to the photo and information I provide?

The intended outcome of this call for photo submissions is to produce a variety of creative outputs that will be available on various public platforms. TRI will store the photos and responses to the questions safely and privately. Should you choose to withdraw within the 2-week period after submission, all the information and files you have contributed will be destroyed and not used.

Image Submission Form

Note: Contributors may only be entered in one Voices of Resilience draw across the three online submission methods. Those who complete both the mini submission and the photo submission will automatically be entered into the draw for one of the $100 gift cards.

Want to know more?

By sharing your thoughts here you add to a choir of voices from the Interior of British Columbia about what it means to be resilient in the context of back-to-back climate disasters. Together, your and others’ voices of resilience will help explore innovative ways of thinking about reducing risk to disasters and building and understanding resilience.