Voices from across British Columbia’s Interior.

Voices from across British Columbia’s Interior

Stories of personal and community resilience in an era of climate-induced disasters.

Resilience and the Nama Peoples.

Climate Resilience and the Nama Peoples of South Africa

Interdependence with the land makes Indigenous peoples particularly vulnerable.

Fiire and Ice in Wood Buffalo

Fire and Ice in the Region of Wood Buffalo, Canada

Thematic learning to help citizens address the wicked problem of climate change.

Piikani Stories of Resilience

Reducing risk to future disasters and adapting to climate change will depend very much on our perception of what it means to be resilient – personally and culturally.

Building Regional Capacity for Climate Adaptation

Better understanding the risks of changing fire regimes in the context of climate change and developing innovative practices for adaptation.

Bison standing in a field

Bison & Climate Change in Alberta’s North

The Willow Lake Métis Nation partnered with TRI on the Bison & Climate Change project.